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Office 365: The best recipes for developers
Gustavo Velez
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Do not use the SharePoint Framework 1.12!Gustavo Velez
Version 1.12 of the SharePoint Framework has been deprecated06-04-2021
Adaptive Cards Tools - Adaptive Card Studio for Visual Studio CodeGustavo Velez
Adaptive Cards are an open format to show content. There are several tools to help to design and create Adaptive Cards11-02-2021
Microsoft OpenXML format for Office documentsGustavo Velez
Microsoft Open XML is an XML- and ZIP-based file format developed by Microsoft for spreadsheets (Excel), charts (Visio), presentations (PowerPoint) and word processing (Word) documents23-01-2021
Changes in the search experience for Classic SharePoint pagesGustavo Velez
Microsoft is starting (beginning February 2021, completing mid-March 2021) a major change for the search experience for SharePoint Office 365 Classic pages16-01-2021
Incoming Webhooks in Teams ChannelsGustavo Velez
Messages can be sent to a Teams Channel using Webhooks03-01-2021
'dataVersion' is defined as a propertyGustavo Velez
Working with SharePoint Framework (SPFx) WebParts, you can get the error "'dataVersion' is defined as a property" in the scaffolded .ts WebPart file20-12-2020
Microsoft Office 365 CLI command completionGustavo Velez
After installing the Microsoft 365 CLI, all the commands can be used, but "command completion", the option to complete a partially typed command using the tab key, is not available07-12-2020
The SharePoint App Catalog at Site Collection level - Configuration errorsGustavo Velez
If not good configured, the SharePoint App Catalog at the Site Collection level will fail22-11-2020
The SharePoint App Catalog at Site Collection levelGustavo Velez
When deploying SPFx components, the SharePoint Online hosting model allows to use for a particular, local Site Collection App Catalog instead of deploying to the full tenant03-11-2020
RestSharp to get the Azure AD tokens for Microsoft GraphGustavo Velez
RestSharp is a library for CSharp that simplifies working with REST. It can be used to get the authentication tokens from Azure AD to work with Microsoft Graph26-10-2020
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