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Office 365: The best recipes for developers
Gustavo Velez
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Moving from ADAL to MSAL for Microsoft GraphGustavo Velez
ADAL was the library to work programmatically for authentication managed by Active Directory. ADAL is becoming deprecated and should be replaced by MSAL22-10-2020
Maintaining secrets as JSON filesGustavo Velez
Secrets management is an important security issue when developing software. A simple and straightforward way to do it is by using encrypted JSON files13-10-2020
Tools to work with Microsoft Exchange: The MFCMAPIGustavo Velez
The MFCMAPI tool provides access to MAPI stores to facilitate investigation of Exchange and Outlook issues and to provide developers with a sample for MAPI development.09-10-2020
Tools to work with Microsoft Exchange: The EWSEditorGustavo Velez
EWSEditor is an API explorer created to demonstrates the EWS Managed API and EWS calls04-10-2020
Tools to work with Microsoft Graph: The Office365APIEditorGustavo Velez
The Office365APIEditor is a tool to test the Microsoft Graph, Outlook REST API, Office 365 Management Activity API, and Azure Resource Manager API27-09-2020
Invoke-PnPQuery and Includes in SharePoint PnP PowerShell cmdletsGustavo Velez
Using SharePoint PnP PowerShell, I always forget the command-syntax to get a specific property from a SharePoint object, and how to commit changes when not using the Set family of cmdlets.20-09-2020
Tools to work with the Power Platform: The Connector BrowserGustavo Velez
The Connector Browser Tool is a Power App application to test out the Power Apps and Automate PowerShell cmdlets, making easier to understand how to configure the parameters for each operation15-09-2020
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Ngrok can help you when developing software for Microsoft Office 365Gustavo Velez
Sometimes, when developing new software for Microsoft Office 365, you need to make your applications available temporary from Internet, instead of the localhost14-09-2020
Decoding the Graph TokenGustavo Velez
How to decode the Azure AD Token used to work with Microsoft Graph10-09-2020
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