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Office 365: The best recipes for developers
Gustavo Velez
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Adaptive Cards Tools - Adaptive Card Studio for Visual Studio CodeGustavo Velez
Adaptive Cards are an open format to show content. There are several tools to help to design and create Adaptive Cards11-02-2021
Microsoft OpenXML format for Office documentsGustavo Velez
Microsoft Open XML is an XML- and ZIP-based file format developed by Microsoft for spreadsheets (Excel), charts (Visio), presentations (PowerPoint) and word processing (Word) documents23-01-2021
Changes in the search experience for Classic SharePoint pagesGustavo Velez
Microsoft is starting (beginning February 2021, completing mid-March 2021) a major change for the search experience for SharePoint Office 365 Classic pages16-01-2021
Incoming Webhooks in Teams ChannelsGustavo Velez
Messages can be sent to a Teams Channel using Webhooks03-01-2021
'dataVersion' is defined as a propertyGustavo Velez
Working with SharePoint Framework (SPFx) WebParts, you can get the error "'dataVersion' is defined as a property" in the scaffolded .ts WebPart file20-12-2020
Microsoft Office 365 CLI command completionGustavo Velez
After installing the Microsoft 365 CLI, all the commands can be used, but "command completion", the option to complete a partially typed command using the tab key, is not available07-12-2020
The SharePoint App Catalog at Site Collection level - Configuration errorsGustavo Velez
If not good configured, the SharePoint App Catalog at the Site Collection level will fail22-11-2020
The SharePoint App Catalog at Site Collection levelGustavo Velez
When deploying SPFx components, the SharePoint Online hosting model allows to use for a particular, local Site Collection App Catalog instead of deploying to the full tenant03-11-2020
RestSharp to get the Azure AD tokens for Microsoft GraphGustavo Velez
RestSharp is a library for CSharp that simplifies working with REST. It can be used to get the authentication tokens from Azure AD to work with Microsoft Graph26-10-2020
Moving from ADAL to MSAL for Microsoft GraphGustavo Velez
ADAL was the library to work programmatically for authentication managed by Active Directory. ADAL is becoming deprecated and should be replaced by MSAL22-10-2020
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