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Gustavo Velez is a mechanical and electronics engineer working as a software developer and senior solutions architect for more than thirty years. Specialized in integration of Microsoft software, he started working with SharePoint before the server got its current name: in 1998, Gustavo finalized his first enterprise collaboration project using Site Server, the precursor of SharePoint, and Microsoft's first effort at providing a solution to the growing business of Internet-based Document Management, Content Management, and Site Personalization.

Gustavo is Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2008. In his many years of experience developing and working with Windows and Office applications, Gustavo has given seminars/training in SharePoint and has also done consultancy work for several of the biggest SharePoint implementations in Europe, Africa, and South America. His articles can be found in many of the leading trade magazines in English, Dutch, German, and Spanish. He is the webmaster of http://www.gavd.net, the main Spanish language site dedicated to SharePoint. Gustavo is author and co-author of ten books about SharePoint, and founder and editor of CompartiMOSS an specialized magazine about Microsoft technologies.