Office 365: The best recipes for developers

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This is a book aimed at coders: It explains how to work programmatically with Office 365, Microsoft's collaboration and information sharing platform.
Office 365 offers a few servers (Exchange, SharePoint), editing and authoring tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and a myriad of other applications to help businesses in creating, managing and organizing information.
This is a book written by and targeted to developers. We assume the readers do know how the Office applications work: You will not find functional descriptions or instructions for users, but countless code routines and programming methods. The book is also for developers that know the programming tools and technologies used by Microsoft and Office 365: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, CSharp, PowerShell, JavaScript, etc.
The book is constantly expanding and evolving, thanks to the monthly updates. At this moment, the book consists of:
- 1059 pages of content in 19 chapters;
- 1200+ code routines, code fragments, and examples;
- 96+ Visual Studio solutions;
- and covers 11 Microsoft Office 365 components: SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Power Automate, Power Apps, Planner, and ToDo.
About the book

Book author

Gustavo Velez is a mechanical and electronics engineer working as a software developer and senior solutions architect for more than thirty years. Specialized in integration of Microsoft software, he started working with SharePoint before the server got its current name: in 1998, Gustavo finalized his first enterprise collaboration project using Site Server, the precursor of SharePoint, and Microsoft's first effort at providing a solution to the growing business of Internet-based Document Management, Content Management, and Site Personalization.
Gustavo is Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2008. In his many years of experience developing and working with Windows and Office applications, Gustavo has given seminars/training in SharePoint and has also done consultancy work for several of the biggest SharePoint implementations in Europe, Africa, and South America. His articles can be found in many of the leading trade magazines in English, Dutch, German, and Spanish. He is the webmaster of http://www.gavd.net, the main Spanish language site dedicated to SharePoint. Gustavo is author and co-author of ten books about SharePoint, and founder and editor of CompartiMOSS (http://www.compartimoss.com), a highly read magazine about Microsoft technologies for the Spanish-speaking community.

Book content

Chapters included in the latest update:

Chapter 01 - Exchange
Chapter 02 - Word
Chapter 03 - Excel
Chapter 04 - PowerPoint
Chapter 05 - Outlook
Chapter 06 - Introduction to SharePoint
Chapter 07 - SharePoint Tenant
Chapter 08 - SharePoint Site Collections and Webs
Chapter 09 - SharePoint Lists and Libraries
Chapter 10 - SharePoint Items and Documents
Chapter 11 - SharePoint other components
Chapter 12 - SharePoint SPFx
Chapter 13 - SharePoint Add-Ins
Chapter 14 - Microsoft Teams
Chapter 15 - Power Automate
Chapter 16 - Power Apps
Chapter 17 - Microsoft Graph
Chapter 18 - Planner
Chapter 19 - To Do

Book updates

Updates for this book version:

Update 11-2021
- Chapters 14 - Managing Teams with PnP PowerShell and Microsoft Graph
Update 10-2021
- Chapters 06 - Using the new PnP Framework and PowerShell
Update 09-2021
- Chapters 03 - The Excel Office Scripts
Update 08-2021
- Chapters 12/14/17/18/19 - The Graph Toolkit
Update 07-2021
- Chapter 19 - New Chapter: To Do
Update 06-2021
- Chapter 12 - SharePoint SPFx, Full update
Update 05-2021
- Chapter 14 - Microsoft Teams, Full update
- Chapter 17 - PnP to access Graph
Update 04-2021
- Chapter 11 - PnP Provisioning
Update 03-2021
- Chapter 11 - SharePoint Site Scripts and Designs
Update 02-2021
- Chapter 06 - Working with the Office 365 CLI
Update 01-2021
- Chapter 18 - New Chapter: Planner
Update 12-2020
- Chapter 08/09/10 - Working with Microsoft Graph in SharePoint
- Chapter 17 - Microsoft Graph PowerShell cmdlets
Update 11-2020
- Chapter 06 - Using the .NET Standard framework (.NET Core)
- Chapter 06 - Login (PowerShell) with PnP to use REST
- Chapter 11 - Working with SharePoint modern pages
Update 10-2020
- Chapter 03 - Working with Microsoft Graph in Excel
Update 09-2020
- Chapter 01 - Using Microsoft Graph for Messaging
- Chapter 17 - Querying Graph with MSAL and CSharp
Update 08-2020
- Chapter 17 - New Chapter: Microsoft Graph
Update 07-2020
- Chapter 10 - Working with attachments (CSOM, REST, PowerShell)
- Chapter 14 - Skype for Business cmdlets to work with Teams
- Chapter 16 - Power Apps tools
Update 06-2020
- Chapter 01 - Using EXO V2 PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange
- Chapter 09 - Working with Columns (CSOM, PnPCore, REST, PowerShell)
- Chapter 15 - Connector Browser Tool and connectors for PowerShell
- Chapter 16 - Connector Browser Tool and connectors for PowerShell
Update 05-2020
- Chapter 06 - Login in SharePoint using Multi Factor Authentication
- Chapter 06 - Using RestSharp to execute REST commands
- Chapter 10 - Working with Folders (CSOM, PnPCore, REST, PowerShell)
First edition (04-2020)
- First release

Book roadmap

This is the content enhancement that you can expect with the next updates:

Monthly updates - (Each update) Updates released by Microsoft
Graph - Update each chapter with the relevant information about Graph
OneDrive chapter - Developing with OneDrive
Delve chapter - Developing with Delve
Visio chapter - Developing with Visio
Yammer chapter - Developing with Yammer
Power BI chapter - Developing with Power BI
Office Administration chapter - The Office Administration APIs
SharePoint external communication - External Event Handlers and WebHooks
Azure chapter - Azure Active Directory, Azure Functions

Download the sample chapter

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made by Microsoft to the technologies explained in the book.

New content.
We are aware that the book, probably, will never comprise every aspect of Office 365. Also, we do not have the arrogance to say that the author knows everything about Office. But we can ensure that we are constantly aiming at making the content as complete as we can.

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